BalanceDiet of Longview has a new website.

BalanceDiet™ is much more than simply a weight loss center; it’s a celebration of food, healthy living, stress reduction and a balanced, active lifestyle.
The BalanceDiet™ program differs from many other diet providers in several important ways:

  • A balanced approach- we promote all around balance of great food choices, healthy activities, and expert tips.
  • Award-winning supplements and products- maximize and maintain your results with our highly effective natural and medical grade supplements.
  • Focusing on transformation- address body, mind and spirit, rather than just weight loss.
  • Powerful coaching- goal setting to reduce and maintain healthy weight.
  • Safe weight loss- uses a healthy, common sense approach to eating, allowing for maximum sustained results.
  • ThinSpa™- infrared sauna and automated massage sessions help to reduce stress and boost your weight loss results. 

Contact BalanceDiet today to find out how you can start your transformation today. Go to to see what they offer.

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