Message Center: Visual Styles

Whatever content you have, we'll adjust the Message Center to display it well!

The content to some degree dictates how it should be seen.  Art is best looked at in a gallery setting while text needs to be presented in a reading format.

Our Icon View is perfect for showing off customers on our clients page.  It allows us to easily manage the placement / order of the icons and as long as we keep the sizes uniform makes for a very clean look.  

Our Content View works well for showing off text information, news articles, writeups, etc.  We can also have excerpts of the body content show on the listing page.  This gives the end user a good idea of what to expect when they click on the news story.  

Content with photos is easy to manage and allows for picture viewing in a gallery style (see image above and gallery below) Content (words and pictures mixed) can be managed without the need for programming knowledge.

Click below to see some of the customer sites we've built with the active areas highlighted in red.
Active Areas of a WebsiteActive Areas of a WebsiteActive Areas of a Website
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