How much will my web site cost?

We’re asked this question many times and the truth is…it depends. Web sites can be used for many different things, so the cost is as different as what they do.

They can:
  • Tell potential customers about your products/services
  • Share upcoming events
  • Take orders and ship products
  • Publish jobs for prospective employees
  • Showcase homes for sale for prospective homebuyers
  • and... many other things - Click here for more info

Because there are many different things involved, we’ve designed an easy way to provide you the website you’re looking for.

For the low cost of $1200.00 (15 hours @ $80.00 per hour) and a $50.00 per month hosting fee, you receive a complete entry level site with the following:
  • Professionally designed web template created specifically for your company.
  • Color scheme designed around your existing print work or created from scratch (this is up to you, the customer).
  • Up to 10 pages of content created using the basic template specifically designed for you. (pages can be: Home, About Us, Products, Services, etc.)
  • A contact form to allow your visitors to contact you without exposing your email to SPAM spiders. (allowed up to 10 fields, such as Name, Email, Phone, Best Time to Contact, etc.)
  • Monthly web hosting for the low fee of $50.00 per month. (What do I get for my hosting fee?)

**Note: This is just a pricing example. Keep in mind, your site can be bigger or smaller depending on your needs. If you want your site to do something more than what is listed above, give us a call at 903.753.3551.
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