Spring Hill ISD Education Foundation gets a new look

Spring Hill ISD Education Foundation  was created to solicit, manage, and distribute funds for enrichment purposes in program areas not otherwise funded by the district.

The mission of the foundation is to provide supplemental funding for academic programs and initiatives the enrich the students learning.

The vision of Spring Hill ISD Education Foundation is to be the premier endowed non-profit organization supporting enhanced educational opportunities for Spring Hill ISD.

Their Goals

  • Provide opportunities for the community to financially support educational excellence at Spring Hill ISD.
  • Promote and facilitate the funding of creative and innovative educational programs at Spring Hill ISD.
  • Recognize and encourage Spring Hill ISD students and staff through positive reinforcement of educational activities.
  • Provide a perpetual source of funds through donations received from individuals, corporations, foundations and income earned on endowment funds.

Their Core Values

  • Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Excellence
  • Supportive
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