Inhouse Sponsors Safety City

Check out Safety City to see the Inhouse Building and Mustang!

Sure we still office in the City National Bank building (now Austin Bank Building), but we also have one of our own!  Take a look at the miniature Inhouse Building at Safety City below.

Safety City ( - Excerpt from their website...

Envision a child-sized city, a mini-Longview, complete with 16 small buildings representing a police and fire station, a train depot, a bank, a church, a hospital, and business and professional offices. There is an auto dealer, an insurance building, a museum, a weather station, a grocery, a restaurant, and a service station. The “city” simulates the real traffic environment of our community and includes an overpass and a railroad crossing. Working traffic lights and major traffic signs dictate the movement of pedestrians, bicycles and mini-cars operated by children.
Front view of the Inhouse BuildingView of the Inhouse BuildingLineup of mini-carsCloseup view of the Inhouse Mustang!
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