I'm very proud of the work that went into making LongviewWOW.org a success.

Click Here to visit LongviewWOW.org!What is LongviewWOW you ask?  It stands for Longview World of Wonders and is a joint effort by lots of parents living in Longview who want to create a children's museum for the future children / grand children to enjoy.

Mike Elswick approached us in the beginning to see if we were interested in being a part and once we looked at the overall goals of the group it was pretty obvious to us that a good website for the group would help them coordinate and publicize their efforts.

We worked with them to come up with a professional (but fun) look and feel along with implementing content management areas for them to contribute to.  That way they can always keep the site up to date, but not have to learn how to program.

I'm proud to say that they've done a great job populating the site with lots of good information and we're anxious to see what comes next! :)

Thanks to the members of LongviewWOW!  You really know how to appreciate a donor!

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