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Our employment database and applications help companies get more from their website than just PR.

Here's where you see how the modules work.

Adding jobs to the site Using the Cpanel you add as many positions as you have need of.

The system can be configured to have any extra fields you need displayed.

Open Positions displayed on the website The red highlighted areas show where the jobs might show up on your website.

A prospect would be able to apply for a specific job or just "put in an application".

Click to view the online application. They fill the out the form online, upload their resume and all of the information is stored to the database.

The application won't submit if any required fields are left blank (so you don't get incomplete applications).

When the application is complete the prospect gets a "thank you" email and the customer gets a notification email that someone has applied for their job.

Click to view applicant info Click to see PDF Printable Output
The customer logs into their Cpanel area to view the applicant info.

If they want a hard copy they click the printable button and the system creates a PDF actively  with all of the applicants information neatly typed into the fields.

Advantages of the system:
  • Easy to add new positions at any time (for no cost other than your time to enter the data)
  • No more incomplete applications
  • All of the applications are available from anywhere for review (via logging into the Cpanel area)
  • All printable output is handled by PDF output (no more sloppy handwriting to decipher)
  • You can even have people who physically visit sit down at a computer to enter their applications thereby keeping them all in the same system.

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