Proven Track Record

With a proven track record with building both our company's internet and intranet sites it was only natural that when we needed an additional website for our Wadley HeartCare Network, we choose Inhouse Associates.
The 30 day turn around time. We needed a web presence for our newly formed HeartCare Network that could be delivered faster than the option we had through Corporate.
It was very easy to relay both information and concepts to Inhouse and for that to be plugged into the site. Staff at Inhouse were very friendly and accommodating. The end result was exactly as promised.
Wadley Regional Medical Center has been a customer since 2005.  Over this period of time Inhouse Associates has consistently provided me with outstanding customer support. Whether it be for a mundane copy correction or a much bigger support issue, the outcome has always been the same...timely, friendly & knowledgeable support. 
Doug Breckweg
Wadley Regional Medical Center
Marketing and Graphic Design Specialist
Inhouse Associates (All Updates)