Ten years in business - Customer Awards

We enjoyed celebrating our 10th year in business by inviting our customers to join us for Mexican food and gave awards to three of them.

We celebrated a decade of business with our families, staff and customers at Papacitas in Longview, Texas.  With great Mexican food it's hard not to have fun.

Steve Gordon spoke about the history of the company.  From our early beginnings in Tyler up to getting our first website customer TEC Well Service, Inc.  Now we have over 150 clients all across America, but it started with just one.  He gave Stephen Shore (from TECWell) the award for being our First Customer.

Check them out at TECwell.com
Robert Brown spoke about the website business as a whole.  He explained that our motivation for writing software was based primarily on the customers telling us what they need rather than us building tools and then attempting to get the customer to accept them without making changes.  The customer who pushed us to get the most out of the Internet was Good Shepherd Medical Center.  He gave Kristin Ater (from GSMC) an award for being a Turning Point Customer.

Visit them at GSMC.org
Jason Houser concluded the night by calling attention to the functionality being created to not only have websites, but to transact business on the Internet.  He told the crowd that the tools at our disposal were far more powerful than those we started with and allow us to create end to end solutions involving software, hardware and Internet connectivity together.  He finished by giving Specialty Group Services (Michael and Cindy Pittmon) a Turning Point Award for pushing us in the field of medical records processing.

Visit them online at SGSMedical.com
Stephen Shore - TEC Well - 1st CustomerKristin Ater - GSMC - Turning Point AwardCindy and Michael Pittmon - SGS - Turning Point Award
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