Employment Application

Employment Application

Our employment database and online application modules make your website function as an online HR department.

Our system has these features:

  • We create your application individually from your specifications.
  • Add / Edit / Delete jobs at any time from any PC connected to the Internet
  • Allow prospects to apply online either for a specific job or general employment.
  • Prospects can upload their resume (or other files) and have it attached for you to download
  • Our PDF Printable output can have the applications coming from the website look as good (or better) than ones you hand to applicants physically.

Check out the Online Demo below and Customers who use these tools.

Here's where you see how the modules work. Using the Cpanel you add as many positions as you have need of. The system can be configured to have any extra fields you need displayed. The red highlighted areas show where the jobs ...
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