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web design for Texas Special Children’s Projects, Inc.

Texas Special Children’s Projects, Inc.

web design for HydroTech Professionals

HydroTech Professionals

web design for Real Estate Marketing, Inc

Real Estate Marketing, Inc

Based in Longview, Texas, Inhouse Associates is a Web design and software development company that serves businesses throughout the United States, Texas and the East Texas/Longview-Tyler region.

We build customized Web programming solutions that are used by physician practice management firms, hospitals, manufacturing companies, employment staffing agencies, human resources providers, real estate brokerages, Realtors, oil and gas operators, commercial construction companies, retailers, K-12 schools and school districts, colleges, law firms and many others.

Whatever your industry and whatever your needs, Inhouse Associates can design, build and program a website or programming solution for you.

Our customers say:

Inhouse is the BEST!
Inhouse Associates is the best! You are accessible, easy to contact, prompt in response or problem solving and always communicate effectively if a task is completed or not.I have enjoyed our years working relationship and feel fortunate to have a com…

Jana Smith
League of Business Owners
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