Case Study: Foothills Entertainment


Kilgore, Tx


Let's look at 4 Star Cinema in Kilgore, Tx. Foothills has been a client of Inhouse for many years. We designed a website that displays the movies and times that the cinema shows. Each movie that is shown has multiple days, multiple times per day, links to trailers for the movie and ratings. 

Foothills is using a cinema solution called Veezi. In Veezi the theater owner can set up seating arrangements for each of their screens. They set up the movies, times, type of movie (2d or 3d) and pricing. Moviegoers can choose their seats and pay on-line. 

4 Star was having to duplicate data entry in both their website and in the Veezi platform. They asked us if we could directly link the show times on their website to the Veezi platform. 

Veezi, has an API (Application Programming Interface), this allows programmers to access their database by sending an AJAX call and receiving back a serialized data string. By decoding that data string we were able to extract the dates, times, and URL that corresponds to each showing. We then saved the information into a database table and coded the 4 Star’s website to display the information to the moviegoer. 

Check out pick any movie and click on a time, you will be seamlessly directed to the Veezi platform. There you can select the number of seats you need and then pick where you want to sit.


One thing that business owners dislike is duplicating work, when you have to enter the same information into multiple places the chance for errors in data is multiplied and it is more costly. 

If you have a process that you think can be streamlined give us a call and maybe we can come up with a solution that saves you time and money!