LongviewWOW unveils the new donor wall


In 2009, Inhouse Associates was asked to be a part of a vision. Before Longview World of Wonders had an official name, they had an idea and knew they needed web development company to help carry it out.  LongviewWow wanted a website that would entice the community to stand behind the concept of a hands-on discovery center like no other and knew that Inhouse Associates could do the job. 

Inhouse Associates is pleased to be a part of Longview World of Wonders since the beginning. On February 15, 2018, LongviewWow unveiled the donor wall to about 40 volunteers, donors, and museum staff members. As donors looked and played with the wall, everyone enjoyed finding their name on a gear. It showed that no matter how old you are, you always enjoy seeing how things move together to make something happen.

The Factory

The Donor Wall unveiling

The Donor Wall Revealed