Inhouse has worked with Medical Billing and Coding companies since 2001. We have used our programming and systems knowledge to improve processes and allow for more effecient practices for many companies in the medical field. We have helped clients deal with PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System) submissions and data analysis. We are extremely familar with HL7, HIPAA, as well as many other medical industry standards and practices.

If you need custom solutions to improve your medical billing processes and data flow, then we are here to help.

P2 Hospital Data Capture and CPU Med/FM Integration Services

Inhouse Associates’ P2 Hospital Data Capture software allows medical data to be taken multiple types of files, documents and sources and be consolidated into a standardized format for the convenient use of designated employees within an organization.

The data can then be viewed and manipulated and sent back out to other systems in the preferred format. Our system also allows paper documents to be scanned into the PDF format and transferred into the standardized format of your choice.

P2 will handle both demographics and charges, and provides a manipulation interface for making corrections to data before it is exported into the CPU Med/FM standard HDC format.

Inhouse Associates also provides custom integration services for the CPU Medical Billing Software family. We work closely with CPU Medical Management Systems and their clients to provide premium customization services, to increase productivity and interaction with CPU's software packages.

For example, our product is an online patient payment application that integrates with CPU’s MED/FM software. It can be installed on our standard implementation site (, or deployed on your own website.