SEO is the process of moving your website up in the rankings of a search engine’s “natural” or unpaid search results. It’s still better to have a website if you don’t have one, obviously, but where your site appears in search engine rankings is key to generating new business organically through the web.

Search engines – such as Google, Yahoo and Bing – use crawlers or spiders that travel through the vast cyberspaces and index what they see. They are creating a virtual "web" (like a spider's web) of information that connects all the websites on the Internet together.

When search terms (keywords) are entered by users, the results are called up based on “relevancy” of the countless pages the crawlers have indexed (billions and billions). Search engines base this relevancy on sophisticated algorithms that top-tier professionals stay on top of.

So, for SEO, it is important to know how search engines read sites, what search terms are optimal for your business, and how to write keyword-focused content and program your site so that relevant search terms are tagged for the search engines. This is where someone like us comes in.

Our specially trained team has spent countless hours and more money than you can imagine on testing Google's algorithm and figuring out exactly what they are looking for.

SEO is not something you can get a college degree in, nor does Google really come out and say exactly what they look for. So it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out the exact formula needed to push a website's visibility up.


Enter us.

Let us take your website and improve its organic positioning so it can be found by more customers. We know exactly what Google is looking for and give them exactly that.

In terms of how it all works, it boils down to two key things: on-page and off-page.

Therefore, when we begin your campaign, we go to your website and edit the backend to make sure everything is properly "optimized" so Google can read it properly (if it isn't already).

After this, we begin showing Google that your website is popular.

We show Google "signals" that come into your website, such as links from other websites, that gives Google more of an idea of what your website is truly about.

The more context and awareness they have on your website: the higher they place it compared to your competition.

And here's the thing about search engine competition: if a competitor is outranking you then you are losing money: and no business can afford to lose money.

Contact us today to get more information about how we can help get you on the winning side of Google and grow your business!