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Acclaim Radiology Management

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Acclaim Radiology Management offers innovative, effective, and personalized radiology billing and practice management solutions, allowing radiologists to focus on their practice rather than the business aspects of their office.

Recognized as a leader in the use of information management technologies to streamline and improve the claims process from dictation to follow up, Acclaim delivers maximum physician reimbursement. Sophisticated software is used at each step of the process to shorten the billing cycle, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and improve cash flow.


Our customers say:

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When setting up my own new business I wanted to make sure that I did everything right the first time. After careful review I decided to go with Direct Incorporated to setup my new company. This was a turn key LLC "Limited Liability Company" Program for a one lump sum amount of money. I was very pleased with everything they provided except for constructing the Website. Everything was backward and then I remembered a few years back I used Inhouse Associates to design my first Website, the more I thought about it the more I remembered just how awesome the Inhouse Associates Team was. My goal on the first Website was to take away the customers fear of ordering online and using credit card. I experienced no problems with their designing the website, building the program and links and I never worried about them having any of my personal information! This is exactly the experience that I wanted again. Steve Gordon, Joannie Houser, and staff are true professionals and they are committed to building you a awesome product! I am even more please the second time around. Why because I was spending someone else money the first time and this time I was spending my own money. I was extremely please with my second website when it went live. If you are on the fence about who too build your next website well let me personally recommend Inhouse Associates!

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Robert Seidmeyer