So you know you need a website. Or maybe you have one but it is outdated and doesn’t serve your needs.

At Inhouse Associates, we understand that your website is your storefront, your brand and, if properly designed and programmed, a powerful business-lead generation tool. Using today’s most advanced design tools and techniques, such as Responsive Web Design, we build secure, affordable sites for companies and organizations small, medium and large.

Our No. 1 goal is your complete satisfaction. Read what our customers have to say about us, and contact us for a free consultation.

If you can imagine it.

We can build.

Or maybe, we already have.

Responsive Web Design

Inhouse Associates builds websites that are programmed to recognize what kind of device viewers are using – desktop computers, iPhones, Android phones, tablets – and automatically format the sites to be optimally viewable on each device.

Realtor Websites

Inhouse Associates builds websites for individual Realtors and real estate brokerages that are programmed to automatically and efficiently import Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data into a user-friendly property search application and update the data on a daily basis.

The entire MLS for a given region is imported into the website, with your properties and/or the properties represented by a broker’s agents showing up first. In addition, your featured listings can automatically be posted to Facebook with one click.

Individual Realtor Websites

  • Starting at $699
  • Custom design / 5 pages
  • 100% of the MLS data in YOUR look with the contacts coming to you
  • Customized school districts
  • Automatic Facebook publishing for featured homes

Broker Websites

  • Starting at $2,000
  • All agent features plus...
  • More content / up to 10 pages
  • Manage multiple agents and their bio information
  • Outside MLS Contacts are directed to you

Content Management System

Inhouse Associate’s exclusive Content Management System (CMS) allows our clients to easily update and change content on their websites. The C-Panel component allows clients to log-in to their websites and use tools from any device connected to the Internet, and the Message Center enables content to be changed in real-time -- without having to pay a developer or wait on technical staff.

With Inhouse’s user-friendly CMS, our clients are able to add new pages, add or change photos, and update content -- with no programming knowledge required.

The system also has a number of built-in tools, including:

  • Calendar Plug-In - Create searchable and printable listings for your users on a calendar grid. Create recurring events for multiple days without retyping events for each occurrence.
  • RSS Feed - CMS utilizes RSS Feed that pushes content to third parties (RSS Readers, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to allow end users to follow your website in whatever social media they desire.
  • Banner Manager – Allows you to manage multiple banner areas on your website, including the ability to scroll content across the page and have banners fade into one another. Each banner has a link so end users can click through to content being promoted.

Online Databases & Content Aggregation

We are experts at harnessing the Web to develop customized, user-friendly programming solutions that streamline your operations and achieve efficiencies that save time and money.

For example, our software engineers can fully automate data-entry processes that take up considerable time for your employees by aggregating data online, where the information is accessible anywhere in the world. You can deploy changes and add content to your databases on a cross-platform, online information-sharing system designed by Inhouse, rather than having to change information on every desktop computer.

In addition, we can build and implement systems that automatically take data from multiple types of files, documents and sources and consolidate the information into a standardized and preferred online format that is accessible to designated employees.

Inhouse Associates has developed such state-of-the-art online solutions for organizations in many business industries, such as hospitals, medical billing firms and physician practices that use our CPU Med/FM Integration, P2 Hospital Data Capture and services.

Our team of programmers will ensure that databases are built to meet your needs. Our databases are fully customizable and built from scratch -- no templates.


Secure intranets built by Inhouse Associates are currently used by thousands of employees for major organizations. An intranet is a private network that is contained within an enterprise where employees can log in to share share company information and computing resources.

In addition, Inhouse Associates can design a system that is accessible to only to your existing customers, partners, suppliers or other designated users outside of your organization.

Providing a user-friendly platform that employees can access to seek information from anywhere can increase operating efficiency and reduce costs for any organization. Inhouse Associates can design and build a customized system for your company that connects your employees wherever they may be, whether they be in one corporate headquarters location, spread among field offices, comprise a nationwide sales force, or are working from their homes.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Systems

Want to sell your products online? Inhouse Associates can build an automated shopping cart system that uses real-time credit card processing and allows you to easily manage your inventory.

Our user-friendly shopping cart software is customizable and features all the tools you need to to generate strong online sales, such as:

  • Ability to add/edit/delete unlimited products
  • Ability to add/edit/delete categories for the products to be housed within
  • Ability to create “Suggested Items” that display alongside other items. End users to the cart will have their previous orders archived for display purposes and retrieval of tracking information
  • Calculates shipping methods – UPS, FedEx, USPS – based on using the vendor API to speak directly to the shipper
  • Ability to automatically charge the customer’s credit card at the point of sale (rather than after the fact). At no point does the customer’s credit card get stored in the system to lessen the PCI compliancy liability

We customize each shopping cart to fit your businesses look and feel. We don't use template shopping carts and we don't use template designs. That's what our team of in-house web designers and web developers are for.

Whether you’ve got hundreds of products or only a few, our e-accounts software adapts for all sizes of e-commerce websites.

To learn more about how to sell your products online with our e-commerce shopping cart system, contact us today.

Online Payment Systems

Whether you’re a business looking to upgrade its customer payment collections from mailing bills to being able to take online credit card and e-check payments, or a healthcare organization wanting to streamline patient billing, Inhouse Associates can design and implement a secure online payment system that meets your needs.

Inhouse Associates’ Web developers will work with you to set up a secure, SSL-certified online payment system that suits your needs and goals. We are adept at building systems using the industry’s most trusted merchant accounts, such as:

Online Job Applications and Employment Testing

Are you currently only accepting paper applications for your job openings? Or do you have an inefficient system in which an online employment application of a PDF file that must be downloaded, printed and faxed by your prospective new hires?

Inhouse Associates builds customizable online applications that allow new employee prospects to fill out their employment information in a convenient, user-friendly format and turn in their applications with the click of a submit button. We can work with you to customize the questions that you need on your online application.

In addition, Inhouse Associates can also design and build employment skills tests for staffing/personnel agencies and other companies that are customized and assess the skills of job seekers in such areas as the Microsoft Office suite, typing, IT, language, healthcare and other subjects.